5 definitions by anjali

The cutest baby bwoi ever..
Sweet As Can Be..
SUPER fun to hang out with..
I luv u babieeeeeee.. be mineeee.. lol..
by anjali July 20, 2004
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a person who is referred to as bratz doll is someone who thinks they are the shit but is either a fuckboy or thot
Me- Sees a straight fuckboy standing next to us

Me- look major bratz doll

mia - yup !
by anjali August 4, 2019
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Evil temptress, big breasted, and proud mother of five. Dear wife of firegolem. #1 Most voted sexy & erotic woman of the age.
I wish I slept with Avour.
by anjali May 25, 2003
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A shot struck by the club's hosel. Travels to the right of the intended target.
by anjali December 9, 2003
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human leg; part of the leg between the knee and the foot;section of meat cut from the leg of certain animals;
long narrow part of something (such as a nail, pin, etc.)
by anjali December 9, 2003
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