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A person, often a child, that becomes so overcome with all the attention that they lose their composure and become rude and selfish and behave poorly on their birthday.
Did you see your grandchild? She became such a birthday brat at her party. She was screaming and throwing a tantrum in front of everybody!
by amesababe December 18, 2010

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A social network dating site. Play off of meat market.
That site is such a meet market. I took my profile down- the whole process creeps me out.
by amesababe December 06, 2010

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acting crazy inappropriate when lonely.
I can't believe I asked my ex-boyfriend out! I must have been really loonly last night.
by amesababe November 26, 2010

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A Prairie Vole is a woman who after one good encounter wants to commit to monogamy because of the hormones released with orgasm.
Awe, shit, now she's acting like a Prairie Vole, wanting me to see only her!
by amesababe June 21, 2010

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when internet daters tie the knot- can be the actual ceremony or the state...the state of cyberimony
Without thinking highly either of men or of cyberimony,
by amesababe December 03, 2010

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What you say in line at the grocery store when you don't want any cash back.
No, just charge me the zactamount- I don't want any cash back.
by amesababe November 24, 2010

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What internet daters achieve after they tie the knot.
I can't believe how happily married she is- its a sure case of webbed bliss---and she met him on the internet!
by amesababe November 01, 2010

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