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1. The state of exhaustion brought on by intense or prolonged exposure to turtles

2. exhaustion, generally mental, brought on by intense or prolonged sensory or mental stimulation
"When the tour started he was all 'Yeah! Lets see some turtles!' but after he was all 'Man, i'm all turtled out'"

"Man lets go to vegas, i hear one night and your all turtled out!"
by allkindsofsickaye December 27, 2008
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A very refined, expensive or high alcohol content beverage.
'He ordered the most ping pong tiddly in the nuclear sub'
by allkindsofsickaye October 20, 2008
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Derived from a famous quote by the iconic Merv, speaking on whether he scored on Australia Day:

"Mate, there are 364 days for hooking up with birds. Australia Day is about beers and mates."

The doctrine can be applied in various settings: ironically or sincerely, to show pride or hide shame, to rally the 'turbos' or to vibe out.
Are you cut Fiona left early last night?
Nah, I subscribe to The Merv Doctrine...
by allkindsofsickaye April 26, 2011
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Food packaging that appears to be full. once grabbed it is revealed to the very dissapointed grabber that it is actually empty and merely adopting the shape of a full packet.

Commonly occurs with chip packets and cereal boxes.
1. We could not make nachos because Jermaine didn't buy any chips. He said he saw a whole packet in the pantry but it turned out to be a ghost packet.

2. Andrew: Hey man, can i have a chip?
Matt: sure man, have the rest...
A: Oi! This is a freakin' ghost packet!
M: haha yeah, now throw it in the bin you touched it last
A: Why i oughta...!
by allkindsofsickaye March 20, 2009
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a individuals pun on a given event, similar to an opinion. An opunion should be treated with the same gravity and respect as ones opinion i.e. everyone is entitled to an opunion, everyone has an opunion...
A: ...she has been so busy, and then, whaddyaknow, she got hit by a car

B: yeah, she was flat out

A: and that was the year after she had that terrible accident with electricity at work!

B: Thats Shocking!

A: Why do you keep doing that?!

B: Thats just my opunion...

C: Yeah man, everyones entitled to their opunion
by allkindsofsickaye March 08, 2009
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