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In march of 2007 a newly formed organization, formally known as the Gambino Family was created. Starting off as a gang on the southside of Atlanta,the gang grew quickly. They wore white and black bandanna's to represent there family. Spreading through most of the riverdale area. They were most notorious for brawls and shootings with there rivals 2dub(220),Hitsquadtaliban(hst),and Southside Mafia. The gambino family are decedents of the renegade outlaw and gambino crime family. Over time they took the name 3800 block gambino family or fam for short. In 2009 a teenager by the name of O'mare Foster moved to Atlanta with his mother at the age of 15. Foster was recruited by a gambino family member during his ninth grade year at Riverdale high school. know being part of the family,foster set his sights high. After getting sent back to Savannah Georgia 2010,foster started building his own empire. Adding knowledge,colors(gray,purple,black),and branches of mob sets. foster soon recruited Richard Hicks Jr(general Capone) who made his way up the rankings threw violence and drug trafficking. Hicks became general at age 16 and began recruiting button men(foot soldiers) at a steady past. Hicks soon received his own mob in the family formally know as DUCE. Along with Alex Grant general of the FSU mob.
More to come on the Gambino crime family
by slash pot May 17, 2011
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