A room where one can talk freely without being recorded

or held accountable for what he says.
Mitt Romney talks about wealth disparity in quiet rooms.
by quesondriac July 21, 2012
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Is a term used in psych hospitals for the room where they lock them in if a patient is acting out of hand. It’s often that the room is actually not very quiet.
“She got restrained by a staff and thrown in the quiet room.”
by _Vinnie_ August 12, 2021
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A place for Kyle to go when Ryan tells him to "Shut up"
1. Ryan: "Shut the fuck up!" Kyle: *Goes to quiet room*
2. Ryan: "Hey Kyle, shut up" Kyle: *Goes to quiet room*
3.Ryan: "Kyle, guess what? Shut up" Kyle: *Goes to quiet room*
by one and only truther October 30, 2020
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