17 definition by aldwardo

The place where whales go to eat.
You think fat people eat at McDonald's all the time? Try hitting up your nearest Friendlys, I guarentee you will see at least 1 morbidly obese group of people there.
by aldwardo December 20, 2006

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The stupidest, most nonsensical "theory" ever. If it's a joke it isn't funny.

"Anything that can go wrong, will." What the fuck does that mean? I mean I wake up every morning and drive to work in my piece of shit car. I haven't gotten into an accident and my car has never broke down. There you have it I beat the stupid theory.

One of the most common examples that I hear is when stuck in traffic the other lanes around you will move faster than the lane you're in. What? What about the people in the other lanes, why doesn't this bullshit law apply to them? I could name some more examples but frankly it isn't worth it.
Murphy's Law is a crock of shit.
by aldwardo November 02, 2006

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A site where the only thing worth a damn is the back button on your browser. It's basically Michael Moore's wetdream in the form of a webpage.
Going to shoutwire is about as painful as watching your only infant child choke to death.
by aldwardo November 03, 2006

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