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The best sidescrolling series ever. This game proves you don't need 32 km of viewing distance and radioactive HDR on the real-time foilage to be fun. This series revolves around a vampire hunter defeating dracula. That's the basic premise, you go through Dracula's castle fighting zombies and creatures and all types of badass monsters. Tight control, badass weapons, deep gameplay with awesome moves, kickass sprite animations, one of the best soundtracks in videogame history. All of the games in this series kickass(excluding the dogshit 3D ones which have no right to bear the name Castlevania and Castlevania 2).

Some other series match it such as Super Mario Bros. and Metroid, but this game is the epitomy of what makes a videogame good.
My favorite one is Castlevania: Circle of the Moon on the gameboy advance.
by aldwardo October 25, 2006

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A very promising first-person shooter that is slated for a September 2007 release. Being built from the ground up by developers Crytek, the makers behind Far Cry. Sporting ultra realistic graphics and optimization for DirectX 10. This game looks like it will be game of the year already by the trailers and screenshots. It looks like it's Deus Ex meets Far Cry meets Half-Life.

Some info on Crysis:

-It will run on Vista and XP. XP will require a Direct X 9 patch however.

-You're main character wears a nano-augmented suit that you can change abilities such as jump higher and run faster all in real time.

-Real time weather and daytime/nighttime system.

-Advanced AI that has real time routine system like Oblivion and Far Cry.

-Ability to modify you're weapons all in real time.

-The first real time Predator like gameplay.

-Landscapes and levels that are based on real places.

-Advanced physics engine. Almost everything can be destroyed or damaged.

-Many multiplayer modes.

-And much more.

There is not much know about the story but it takes place in Korea in the not too distant future. From the screenshot it looks like there is an alien invasion sorta like PREY. I cannot wait for this game. There is no way it can suck.
I have already upgraded my computer with SLI Nvidia BFG Geforce 8 series cards. I want this fucker maxed out.

Crysis, plain and simple, will kick ass.
by Aldwardo January 15, 2007

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An excellent metal band out of Seattle, WA. It's pretty hard to give them a genre but honestly who cares? If anything they are power/thrash.

They have a very unique sound thanks to the vocalist, Warren Dane. He doesn't scream at the top of his lungs and can display a wide range of the vocal spectrum. Each album sounds uniquely different but still kicks ass at the same time. Combine the vocalist with Jeff Loomis seven string guitar to make a unique band. Unfortunately, Nevermore has had bad luck in the past with health problems in the past and present.
Nevermore was awesome at Gigantour!
by aldwardo November 01, 2006

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One of the greatest video game series of this generation. Splinter Cell revolves around you (Sam Fisher) going on espionage missions for the NSA. The actually stories are a bit complicated I don't even stand all of it myself but I don't play games for stories.

Unlike most game series, this one gets better with each release. Comparing it to MGS is just silly, they are two amazing franchises.

Chaos Theory (3rd of the series, not counting the shitty handheld versions) is one of my favorite games ever. It eliminates all the trial and error of the first two and really makes it much more enjoyable(I've beaten it 7 times already). It's so flexible and flat out amazing in terms of everything that makes a game good. Good graphics, amazing soundtrack, deep and flexible gameplay, and replayiblity. Don't get me started on how amazing the multiplayer is because words don't do it justice. It's so genious yet so underrated.
Splinter Cell games so far:

Splinter Cell
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Splinter Cell: Double Agent

The new one (Double Agent) is due out very soon. It will own your soul.
by aldwardo October 12, 2006

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A relatively unknown but talented actor. His most famous role is Assistant Director Walter Skinner on the The X-Files. Most of his roles include playing some type of law enforcement officer. I think he is the best character on The X-Files.
Mitch Pileggi is an amazing actor.
by aldwardo October 28, 2006

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When your name is Armando and you get hit by a car. Car + Armando.
1. Ever since Armando got hit by a car, he bears the name Carmando.

2. I will never name my kid Armando, just incase he gets hit by a car.

by aldwardo October 17, 2006

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A taker is referred to someone with a drug addiction, usually narcotics. The taker is actually the drug and the giver is the user or addict. The drug is always the taker of the addict's life and the addict always gives in to the crave.

See also Master of Puppets, Suicide Messiah.
"Bow down you chose your maker, he never gives he's always the taker" - Suicide Messiah by Black Label Society

"- Jeez look at that poor taker over there standing by the pack of homeless people. He was in my highschool and was always high, guess he deterioted to scum."
by aldwardo November 05, 2006

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