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A racing masterpiece by Sega's AM2 division. The brainchild of Yu Suzuki, creator of other games like Virtua Fighter and Space Harrier
Outrun is one of the best old school racing games of all time.
by AJ 187 October 28, 2003
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literally, a bucket of twats. also, a person who is a fucking pussy or whatnot.
"You're a fucknig twatbucket."
by AJ 187 September 28, 2003
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when an odd number of guys line up in a V shape and give a girl the bukkake treatment.
"Yo, let's go cumspike Jenny tonight!"
by AJ 187 July 30, 2003
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an insanely cool person who provides a webserver with a lot of hentai. Also likes Japanese schoolgirls and panties.
Ryoga is a God amongst men.
by AJ 187 October 06, 2003
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1) a PNRZ that shoots out crispy cream.

2) a dragon that, instead of breathing fire, breathes cum.

3) a PNRZ that breathes fire.
"Wait... this semen is fried! You have a fucking cumdragon, you asshat!"

"I will slay the cumdragon whilst wearing my semen-proof armour."

"What the fuck dude, my VGNRZ will be sore because of your fucking cumdragon!"
by AJ 187 August 06, 2003
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A site created by Ian to fight off VGS.
Ghetto Net is better than your site.
by AJ 187 July 08, 2003
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Sex. used like sexx0rs, but shortened, and sounds cooler.
I just had the SXRZ using my PNRZ.
by AJ 187 July 08, 2003
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