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SCP-049 is a Euclid class object, 049 Resembles the look of a medieval plague doctor. But the robes and clothing of SCP-049 seemed to have grown out of it's body over time. SCP-049 is generally cooperative with foundation staff, SCP-049 was located in the town of Montauban in southern France, during a raid on a local home there were a number of SCP-049-2 instances and 049. SCP-049-2 are reanimated corpses that have been operated on by SCP-049, SCP-049 can cause all biological functions to stop through skin contact.
SCP-049 made another SCP-049-2 again.
by adudewithadog June 19, 2020
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SCP-087 is a Euclid class object. SCP-087 is a stairwell which doesn't have an end. If there is an end to it you probably can't reach it. During the SCP-087 exploration the Class D began to hear the sounds of a child crying, moments later he saw a face appear infront of him, the D Class stared at the face. The face or SCP-087-1 started moving towards the Class D, camera lost signal, D Class: Deceased
So this is SCP-087 eh?

The stairwell that doesn't have an end?
by adudewithadog June 19, 2020
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A humanoid like anomaly measuring 2.38 m in height and its hands are out of proportion with the rest of its body, it retains human like features with the exception of the eyes, whenever an organism views SCP-096's face whether it be directly via video recording or a photograph it'll enter an agitated state, it will begin screaming and crying. 1 or 2 minutes after the organism views SCP-096's face, SCP-096 will begin running towards its target at speeds at 35 kilometers an hour, speed varies at distance from its target. If the target is very far away it will be able to run extremely fast, upon arriving to its target's location it will begin to attack its target. After SCP-096 kills its target it will then sit down, 5 minutes after it will become docile once again.
Oh no I just looked at SCP-096.

God dammit man.
by adudewithadog June 18, 2020
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SCP-106 is a Keter class object in the SCP foundation, the anomaly depicts the look of an elderly humanoid in an advanced stage of decomposition, the anomaly is able to walk through any solid matter and its capable of going inside its own ''pocket dimension''. SCP-106 will catch its prey by incapacitating them and damaging vital organs and then pull it into its pocket dimension, SCP-106 has a full control of time and space in this dimension. SCP-106 will randomly enter a ''dormant'' state where the anomaly will be inactive for months at a time, researchers can re-contain the anomaly by injuring a person between the 10-25 of age bracket, researchers will break a bone such as the femur and play the sound over the site intercoms. SCP-106 will arrive to the subject and kill it.
Oh no SCP-106 has escaped containment..
by adudewithadog June 18, 2020
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SCP-1471 is a mobile phone application going by the name: MalO ver1.0.0, if someone downloads MalO ver1.0.0 they won't see any shortcuts or icons on their device, every 3-6 hours the subject will recieve photo's of SCP-1471-A near a location that the subject frequently visits. 1471-A is a humanoid like creature with a canid-like skull and dark hair. After 48 hours, the subject will recieve photos of SCP-1471-A near locations they recently visited. 72 hours after exposure the subjects will recieve photos of SCP-1471-A in real time near the subject. 90 hours after exposure the subject will see SCP-1471-A in their peripheral vision, reflective surfaces or both.
Yo I found this new app on the app store.

What's it called?

MalO vare1.0.0

Dude that's the SCP-1471 app!
by adudewithadog June 19, 2020
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SCP-173 is a sculpture constructed from concrete and rebar with traces of krylon brand spray paint, the object cannot move while in a direct line of sight. If the observer looks off the object or blinks it will move a short distance towards the target, SCP-173 attacks by snapping the neck at the base of the skull or in more rare instances by strangulation. In addendum 1 it was noted that an SCP-173 multiplication event occurred producing 2 identical copies, in addendum 2 it was noted that a second multiplication event occurred, objects reclassed as Keter. And in addendum 3, 61 copies of SCP-173 which are for now unnacounted for. Nuclear bombing on ??/??/?? SCP-173 instances have been reduced.
I'm gonna blink, remember to not look away from SCP-173.
by adudewithadog June 19, 2020
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682 is a Keter class anomaly. SCP-682 large vaguely reptile like creature of unknown origin, it has almost unlimited regenerative abilites. It's observed to have high strength, speed and reflexes, SCP-682 will grow and decrease in size while it's shedding material, it eats anything organic and inorganic. SCP-682 had a conversation with SCP-079 during their limited time of exposure. SCP-682 is to be terminated as soon as possible, as it has a hatred of all life. Most classic termination test was the attempt to use 409 on 682, 409 is a crystal and anything coming in contact with 409 will crystalize after 3 hours after complete crystalization the crystalized area will burst into hundreds of fragments.
SCP-682 is exposed to 409, 682 shows signs of extreme pain and begins having seizures, Crystalization stops at 62% and the area explodes, SCP-682 states that it will kill all staff involved in this test.
by adudewithadog June 19, 2020
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