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tartan for tossers
by add July 22, 2003

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girls on all fours, one guy standing getting head, another coming in from the back dooor, they slap high fives,vwalah! eiffle tower!!
hey travis, wana go get drunk and eiffle tower steph tonight? i got heads!
by add September 15, 2003

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1. Means to go somehwere

2. telling some one to come towards you; over here
1. lets go hither over there

2. come hither Jen, we don't have all night!
by ADD March 31, 2005

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what is up homie?
What is going on?
How are you?
What is wrong?
What is up?
wud up
also spelled: wud up dog?
spanish verion:
que paso perro?
what up dog?
Mark said to joe, "what up dog?"
by ADD March 23, 2005

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a class in which teens are MADE to talk to scare/ prevent us from haivng sex. they try to make us live an abstanint life. showing pictures, movies, magazines, diagrams. telling uis about over 100 std's and did you know 50% of std's can turn a woman sterile for life?
also, 3:4 teens contract an std fisrt time having sex

see i DID learn something.
1. sex ed is stupid and boring, but could help me when least expected.
by ADD April 18, 2005

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a word in the Alexa ditctionary.
1. beyond random, the most random random can get.
1. that was the totallyest randomest thing ever!
by ADD April 18, 2005

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a word found when being silly and talking to a friend.

1. beound totally, the most totallyest thing, the most of anything that could happen.
The was the totallyest coolest, thing ever
by ADD April 18, 2005

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