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21 definitions by ADD

1. sounds like a really gross word

2.what it makes you think of

3. a funny word to say.

4. it is not REALLY a berry
1. schnozelberry, hearing that sound makes me want to vomit!

2. Schnozelberry's make be think of a snot berry.

3.Schnozelberry, it sounds really funny, but can u spell it?

4. A schnozelberry is not really a berry, but a word made up by Ashley and Bob.
by ADD March 31, 2005
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a class in which teens are MADE to talk to scare/ prevent us from haivng sex. they try to make us live an abstanint life. showing pictures, movies, magazines, diagrams. telling uis about over 100 std's and did you know 50% of std's can turn a woman sterile for life?
also, 3:4 teens contract an std fisrt time having sex

see i DID learn something.
1. sex ed is stupid and boring, but could help me when least expected.
by ADD April 19, 2005
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If somethhin is beyond gnarly, beyond curb, extreme to the max

"HEY, that was soo tag the curb"

"Omg, that was almost atag the curb jump!"
by ADD January 16, 2006
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a shortend version of the word retard
Jose" my comps such a tard" greg" curse it"
by ADD November 9, 2005
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1. the act of making conspiries.

2. Conspirisizing about a certain subject.
1. the goverment is a conspirisest

2. he is a conspirisest about dogs.
by ADD April 17, 2005
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random words and words that don't exist. It also has words with differnt meanings than originaly thought.

1. Conspirisizing, the act of being a conspirisist.
2. Talking about conspirecy
3. plotting against or for something.
1. jon is conspirisizing

2. we are conspirisizing about flu shots

3. i am conspirisizing about the human race.
by ADD April 17, 2005
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Dude is a really funny word.
1. DUDE (doode) means a person which one knows
2. a person in which u dont know
3. a way of saying hi
the best definition of all (and true)

5. an inficted pimple on a male wale's back
1. yo, dude, get me a soda
2.dude, where'd you get that. or Dude, what's ur name
3. Dude!
5. Did u see that dude on the sperm wale.
by ADD March 24, 2005
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