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aka Brom, Brummagem, etc
a historical English city of great import that often gets a bad rap.
Queen of the West Midlands, King of the Hill, and you can fly out of there, too.
I grew up in the Bull Ring in Birmingham, so people think I talk funny.
They named a town in Alabama after my city, so there is a Brom in the New World, too.
by adam_before_eve April 16, 2006
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the correct way to spell Target if you want to pretend that it is a French store, or at least not too low class, like saying Jacques Pennay for JC Penney. A store that is perceived to be slightly upscale from WalMart.
I see that you are a Targét snob since you won't shop at WalMart.
I got these nifty plastic doodads over at Targét.
I drove over from the trailer park to Targét to get some new Depends because mine were worn out.
I find the hot girls shop at Targét and they are looking to hook up with dudes, but get your shots first...
by adam_before_eve December 14, 2005
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biggest, baddest city in South Africa, where the diamond smugglers mingle with the carjackers to make life strange.
I had to get out of Johannesburg for the weekend so I flew to Cape Town for the ocean breezes.
by adam_before_eve April 08, 2006
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a fabulous visual artist that drew amazing comix - his characters also included Honeybunch Kaminsky and Pro Junior, along with Big Nurse
R. Crumb sketched out the alternative reality of kids circa 1970
by adam_before_eve September 10, 2005
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College as Trade School is another example of the commodification of modern life spills over into post-secondary education in alarming ways. The historic benefit of college previously included the perceived civilizing effect and greater awareness of the sweep of history and human progress. That aspect has been reduced in the headlong rush toward getting one's ticket punched to enter the workforce in a more favorable position. That is basically like getting a Fast Pass to jump ahead in line at an amusement park, only some readers and riders will get nauseous from the event.

If you dare to think about education for education's sake, or the immense satisfaction and richness of learning and appreciating a world beyond your immediate surroundings, then you will be ostracized in the 'get ahead now because you will miss out' ethic that is the hallmark of the current zeitgeist.
I paid a fortune for a BS, and found out about College as Trade School. I was surrounded by other BS people in a mad scramble to drink through the term and Google my derivative research paper topics.

He didn't study enough to make it into a good university, so he had to settle for College as Trade School. that condemned him to a life in (gasp!) middle class. At least he had been informed of all the great benefits of joining the consumerist cause and could now spend his way into lifelong debt on top of his student loans.

She only averaged 550 on each of her SAT sections and had to go to College as Trade School instead of to a great university.

He was desperate to break out of his sad chav existence, even if his ticket out was going to College as Trade School. That was better than a dreary live stuck in some Council flat playing bad football on Saturdays and chainsmoking. Thus continued the slide into the Malthusian hell of the early new millenium.

Demographics is destiny.

Sic transit gloria mundi.
by adam_before_eve October 21, 2006
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selling your soul to try to please some imagined audience
he bought the shoes and shirt but wasn't accepted so he found out about the downside of street cred.
Diluted standards and lowest common denominators are the dirty open secret of the downside of street cred.
by adam_before_eve September 10, 2005
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an economic term for the benefit you get (or retain) when you obtain something for less than you think it is really worth.
I got a new Gizmondo for 100 pounds and I would have paid up to 200 so I had a lot of consumer surplus.
That company has a monopoly so they jack up the prices to erode my consumer surplus.
by adam_before_eve September 10, 2005
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