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To discard any factual statement by bringing in a circular argument, appeal to authority or any other well-used and abused forms of fallacies. Simply put, if you can't beat them, confuse them. A strategy to win bigly and not get tired of winning. Recently seen in public use by POTUS Trump and his group of minions, lead by Sean Spicer.
NYT Rep: But, Mr. President, where did you get the info about this terror -
POTUS: It was on FOX news!
NYT Rep: Okay, but the news was covering your statements, right?
POTUS: Why would they cover it if it was not true?! Believe me, they are very smart people. Ver smart, I tell you. They know what they were doing.

NYT cam guy: Damn! He played the trumpcard again!
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by abwolverine February 19, 2017

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A self-proclaimed artist who has nothing original to offer and only reacts, negatively or hyper-negatively, to other forms of art, events in society and politics. A critic ashamed of admitting his/her true job description. A resentful twat who marks every new thing as either "been-there-done-that" or something of the form "kids-these-days...". A reactionary, but only limited to political context.
Abby: Have you seen Dave's comments on Rachel's troll-faced concert pics!! Burn!!
Daisy: Which Dave? The guy who blogs about every other thing???
Abby: Who else??!! He's the first to respond in any case!
Daisy: I know!! He's such a reactionist.
by abwolverine August 28, 2015

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The equivalent of LA face with Oakland booty, but for boobs. They are well shaped, well endowed yet seemingly out of proportion to the rest of the body. Like a 36DD on a 5'3'' gal. Certain mythical creatures are said to have these. They often appear in a nerd's fantasies or a human girl's nightmares. It can also be conjured by spending all your bonus points for a magical wish or a visit to a medical gift shop. Basically, the only real anime superpower!
Andy: Hey, can you hook me up with your friend Heather?
Barbara: Get in line! Sam and Dave asked as well! What do you even see in her??
Andy: Damn, those anime boobs!! Its like her superpower!
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by abwolverine July 25, 2016

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The art of tucking an erect penis, after placing it pointing upwards on one's belly, under the waistband of a trouser or pyjama. Something guys often do to hide a narb in a public place. This stunt must only be performed if the erection is greater than 60% and one is not topless. Usually performed in shared dorm after waking up or at your in-laws house.
Samantha: Hey, Mark! Come join us, we are watching the Other Woman!! It's so fun! Kate Upton is looking so gorgeous in it!!
Mark: Can't ! I have to pick up some stuff for the office party tomorrow. Andy, are you coming?
Andy: Ok, man! Just let me tuck my boy in first!
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by abwolverine September 24, 2016

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Also known as the Demonetisation of banknotes in India, on 8th November 2016. An anagram of demonetisation. Supporters say it's the best thing that happened to the economy since independence while waiting hours to get their money from one of the few working ATMs. Haters say it was Modi's class act of being the center of attention on the same day Donald Trump got elected as POTUS.

Also known as 'Idiot man's e-note'!
Sampath: Hey, Ravi. Has Amazon started accepting cash, again?
Ravi: No man! After, Modi's Note eatin', everyone has lost their appetite for cash!
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by abwolverine February 18, 2017

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A hybrid between a womanizer and the realization of 'I-could-do-so-much-better-than-this-piece-of-shit'!
Basically, the guy who seemed interesting at first, but soon turns out to be the stepping stone to something better. A wake-up call for the inner romantic. A necessary failure in the ever-challenging dating game.
Samantha: So, how are things between you and Dave?
Candice: Don't even ask! It was, like, so great at first. But, after I met Ricky, I figured Dave was just a realizer.
by abwolverine February 07, 2017

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When one uses Google to ogle at porn or NSFW material without going incognito. Can be used as a verb: "Just Go-ogle at GoT porn!" or as a noun: "Shit, I forgot to delete my Go-ogle history!!"
Andy: Dude, did you Go-ogle porn in my laptop?!
Sam: No, why?

Andy: Well, for one, it's all over my Go-ogle history!
Sam: Aw man! I'll keep it in mind!
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by abwolverine July 25, 2017

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