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the South Korean Government's propaganda machine and cyber terror group;
a group sponsored by the South Korean Government whose members work actively to send pro-Seoul propaganda (spam) messages to multiple recipients worldwide, especially in order to suppress any opposing information shown on websites.
Thanks to the Tokdo, South Korea is one of top three countries responsible for sending spam.
by Abajian August 24, 2005
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noun, uncountable
1) a Korean hot-tasting dish made of pickled Chinese cabbage and other vegetables

noun, uncountable
2) Unsolicited Commercial/Political etc Messages

noun, countable
3) someone who shadows a person over a period of time in a very annoying or threatening way
1) Kimchi really stinks, gives you the shits and can be one of the strongest pesticide in the world!
2) I've been receiving kimchi messages from the East Sea so I'll use the KimchiBuster.
3) an Internet kimchi
by Abajian August 28, 2005
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noun, uncountable
also fire illness listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Korea Edition (DSM-K)
a typical mental illness that is found in people of Korean descent, that can make someone suddenly unable to suppress his/her emotions of anger, sadness, hurt, guilt or shame, etc for a short time, it is sometimes accompanied by incontinence (urine and/or feces).
Kim Jong-Il had Hwa byung while he was chatting with George W. Bush on the MSN one night, and smashed his fist down on the keyboard, threw the mouse at the monitor and then lost consciousness. He wears a disposable Pampers when he chats on the Internet.
by Abajian September 08, 2005
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the Great FireWall of China
a strong censorship system that bans the Chinese Communist Party's intranet users from accessing to the Internet so that the party can prevent its own shameful secrets from spreading to the world.
The Great FireWall of China was installed in 2002, the first year of the Digital Revolution.
Type "election" into the G00913 search box and then click on the G00913 Search bottom. The Great FireWall of China will display the search result below.

The keyword cannot be found.
The keyword you are looking for is currently unavailable.
by Abajian September 01, 2005
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noun, plural taegugkies, countable
a piece of soft cloth or paper worn by a baby between its legs and fastened around its waist to hold its urine and shit
1) I ought to change the baby's taegugki
2) dirty taegugki
3) disposable taegugkies
by Abajian August 26, 2005
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the Blue House, Cheong Wa Dae
the headquarters of the national madhouses of South Korea in Seoul.
If Kim Jong-il is confined to the Blue House, Roh Moo-hyun will serve the master.
by Abajian August 30, 2005
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noun, countable
a series of loud sounds from Hyundai car owners expressing a strong emotion such as pain, fear, or displeasure
Hyundai will recall 36,000 Sonata cars
We'll hear real sonatas.
Aigo, aigo, aigo!
by Abajian August 31, 2005
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