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someone who talks shit, but only from 10 or more feet away
Dude talked a lot of shit, but from across the parking lot... he's a weak bitch
by KerryKong January 22, 2010
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(1) A woman or girl who stands against (good) women in support of (shitty) men.

(2) A woman or girl who seeks to obtain status through her relationships with men in a way that is harmful to herself or other women.

What differentiates the status mongering of the Weak Bitch from that of a prostitute is that the weak bitch is not compensated for her actions. Instead, Weak Bitches regularly maintain their relationships with men (often fuck niggas) by supporting them financially or providing them with other material resources. It is of imperative importance for the Weak Bitch to maintain relationships with men because she believes that she needs a man to validate her existence and, due to her chauvinistic beliefs, a Weak Bitch believes that it is okay to harm any woman that she feels stands in the way of her relationship with afuck nigga.

Weak Bitches will forfeit their personalities, income, goals, opportunities and other relationships (friendships, relationships with children, relationships with siblings) to please the man she is currently involved with and believes that, unlike women, men can do no wrong. She will defend anything sexist, racist, homophobic or otherwise full of shit her man says or does but will have the audacity to lash out at any woman or girl who says something she disagrees with, no matter how trivial that thing may be because she has no respect for women, herself included.

A weak bitch is pretty much nothing like Beyonce or Hillary Clinton.
Karen: "Oh my god, look at Amber!! She paid her boyfriend's phone bill right after finding out that he cheated on her with another man!"

Lacey: (shrugs) "She's a weak bitch."

Amber: (having overheard Karen and Lacey's conversation) "Why are you guys hating on me? I'm just helping Brandon out, he really loves me. You're just jealous that you can't find someone like him. You're the bitches."

Lacey: (looks at Karen) "See what I mean? Weak bitch."
by TheCure212 March 08, 2014
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