7 definitions by a kid who knows big numbers

the sound of some mf who mumbled and became viral on tiktok
A: u ii a iu u iii a iu
B: dude no its u ii a io u iii a io
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also used to shorten numbers in games, just like m
b stands for billion
me: damn that shii expensive. 50b?
other guy: can i get a free 100b
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the short word for laughing my ass out
also a way to reply to everything
A:look at this dumb shii i found
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basically a big number. not just a word, its also a number. ( {10, 10, 10, 10} )
whats the biggest number u know?
a general!
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a very big number. (10^(3*10^9+3))
guy: whats the next big number after a micrillion
other guy: a nanillion
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a noise that a person makes when there surprised
A: look at this bug i got last week
B: ooooo it looks cool
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N, the 14th letter in the alphabet. Found after M and before O.
other dude: before o
another dude: after m
last dude: 14th letter
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