8 definitions by Zorque

Some gay little kids who write faggy shit music for 10-year olds who hate Amerikkka but would never willingly leave the county for more than a week.
Green Day is a gay baby and also a lazy baby. Suck on that, suckers. D33ply pwn3d.
by Zorque July 31, 2008
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"Run" and "escape" from this bad game, lol!
Runescape is for a baby or a pig to play, it is the most of gay things for playing, very nice!
by Zorque July 31, 2008
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A picture of a bunch of beautiful women, a few of them kissing sensually. Look for it on Google Images.
I love when people post Awesome Cougars, it makes my day a lot brighter.
by Zorque August 26, 2008
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the fake name of grinman!
2. a man who grins and mongles a cock!
cockmongler more like grinman@
by Zorque October 19, 2006
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Green Day sucks. Their music is manufactured to become whatever is popular at the time. In the early and mid nineties, they resembled grunge and pop. Now that stupid kids are fond of "punk" (which none of the music they like actually is), Green Day has seen and taken an opportunity to make MORE money by whoring themselves out to a new audience. They have never been original, and have never been "good". Anyone who thinks they are a talented band is fooling themselves.
Why a definition for "Green Day 'controversy'" exists is beyond me, but whoever defined it is stupid and inane.
by Zorque October 10, 2006
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An enzyme first discovered in the colonic cells of Kirk Johnson, Gotase is a powerful meat tenderizer and is heavily controlled by the FDA.
Gotase made my meat soft.
by Zorque August 26, 2008
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