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A small box for holding a one-hitter pipe and a rather small amount of ground herb, usually marijuana, in seperate compartments. Dugouts allow one to pack the bowl of the one-hitter by burrowing its tip in the herb compartment. The compartment for the pipe is usually spring-loaded for easy removal, and comes with a sometimes magnetic sliding or rotating cover.
All my bud is in my dugout.
by Zolotros February 12, 2010
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A small pipe with a bowl large enough for one really good hit of marijuana. One-hitters are almost always identical to cigarettes in shape and size, and are usually painted to resemble them as well. They are very good for smoking weed discreetly in public. One-hitters often come with a box called a dugout, with one compartment for storing your bud and a smaller one for storing the pipe.
My one-hitter is the only pipe I use.
by Zolotros February 9, 2010
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The "Weapons" board of 4chan.
A regular poster on /k/ is usually referred to as a /k/ommando, and discussions usually involve modern weaponry, but this is by no means exclusive.
Like most other boards on the site, it is primarily likened to a river of shit with gold nuggets on the bottom. Whether or not it is worth panning is entirely up to you.
/k/ - a magical place
by Zolotros July 31, 2012
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A powerful semi-automatic pistol cartridge introduced in 1984 for the unsuccessful Bren Ten. The cartridge is today quite underrated and rather uncommon, but is used for handgun hunting and self-defense.
A less powerful version of the cartridge was later developed for the FBI; this became known as the now very popular .40 S&W.
Guns chambered for this cartridge include:
Bren Ten, Glock G20, Colt Delta Elite, MP5/10 submachinegun
My uncle just nailed a white-tail deer with his Glock 20 with a 10mm Auto FMJ.
by Zolotros June 26, 2009
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Using the bathroom.

Alternate phrase for "smoking a joint." Used when the "authorities" are around, as a discreet way to let fellow stoners know what you just did/are going to do, because it sounds like #1 to virgin ears.
I went downstairs after hitting the john.

MOM: What were you two doing?

KID 1: We were hitting the john!

KID 2: Yeah!

KID 3: (laughs)
by Zolotros March 31, 2010
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A machine pistol manufactured by Glock GmbH. It is essentially a select-fire Glock 17 that is very dangerous to fire with one hand and suicide to dual-wield. It completely redefines the term "spray-and-pray".
The robbers' Glock 18s had even the SWAT team diving for cover.
by Zolotros June 15, 2009
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The small bits of bud that settle to the bottom of your broken-up stash; it should not be confused with keef. Also can refer to buds that have been very finely ground.
Shake is very good for rolling joints and blunts, because it burns very evenly, slowly, and consistently if you roll it well.
Hey, can you spare me some of that shake? I want to roll a jay.
by Zolotros May 17, 2010
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