An entry level luxury sport sedan produced by the Infiniti division of Nissan from 1991-1996 and 1999-2002. Powered by the same SR20 motor that drives the famous Sentra SE-R. Known overseas as Nissan Primera.
The guy who said this car is slow and underpowered clearly is envious of my G20 because it has more power and features than his POS.
by MBG20t September 30, 2004
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The best looking SR20 powered entry level luxury sport sedan in its class.
Do not let me meet your girlfriend, as soon as she sees I drive a G20 she will want to fuck me.
by Encyclopedia Brittanicca October 8, 2003
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a badass car when modified right.
Did you see that G20 merck that M3??!
by JDM King October 6, 2006
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Made my Infiniti, Powered by the SR20DE, or if you happen to be a racer, perhapes a SR20DET. This small Nissian powerplant is capable of dilevering an thourogh ass kicking to a Civic, Accord, Integra or any other B powered Honda. With a turbo, it can easily outrun cars that would scare the pants of most racers. Exmp, Check out on YouTube, there is a video of a G20 killing a Porsche Cayman S.

Not only is this car an amazing sleeper, It has great handling thanks to the suspension from a 300zx.

If you are looking for a daily driver, and possibly... somthing more, the G20 is for you my friend.
Civic: Hey man what the heck is that...
G20: This... its your worst nightmare
Civic: Put your money where your mouth is
G20: Lets go...

Post Race

Civic: Wow... what happened?
G20: G20... thats what happened, dont foreget it...
by RapMastaCJ August 31, 2006
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A bunch of middle class brats who would rather cause havoc than do anything constructive to solve them. They hate Corporations and prefer a world of anarchy (although they all live in Mummy and Daddys mansions in Berkshire and Surrey and get driven around in Volvo's). They smash up stores and then get thair Lawyer parents to represent them when they get arrested. They also scream and yell at cops in groups, but once arrested cry like pussies because theyre scared.
Whats that smell? Its a flock of dreadlocked g20 protestors from Guildford!
by Wayne Kussoff April 2, 2009
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