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A disorder wherein you hear everything you read in the comforting voice of Morgan Freeman.
Even this Viagra spam is soothing when heard through the distorting perception of Freemanic Paracusia: "Why, you could enlarge your penis for cheap. My, my. Isn't *that* something."
by Zephyr Greene August 13, 2008
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An ugly, unlovely town near Bremerton, WA. Full of meth and trailer dwellers, some of whom aspire to become bremelos some day. No more than 80% of ninth graders actually graduate from North Mason High School, where teaching French was banned in 2002 for political reasons but you can try out for any of three football teams. Despite being a cultural cesspool (one popular Belfair Summerfest game is cow bingo), Belfair is in a surprisingly pretty location on Hood Canal near several lakes, and with lots of woods to explore. Not bad for a day trip, but make sure to get out by dusk to avoid having your soul sucked out by shambling undead brain-scavengers with MxPx tattoos.
Q: What can you find at the Belfair Safeway that's not at QFC?

A: Half the NMHS student body in the parking lot on a Friday night.
by Zephyr Greene December 22, 2007
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A tablet sold as an Ecstasy pill shaped like an Autobot head. May be bright blue, green, or another color, resembling a children's vitamin. Blue Transformers are known to contain no MDMA, instead being made of a cocktail of TFMPP and BZP, chemicals which badly mimic an Ecstasy high while providing the user with a spectacular hangover, nausea, and headache. Especially nasty when combined with alcohol. Spare yourself a bad time and don't buy or eat these. Often found near Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA.
That dude in the back of the club offered me a Blue Transformer, but my buddy was so sick when he ate one last week that I decided to pass.
by Zephyr Greene September 11, 2011
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