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an acronym used to quickly tell someone to leave you alone and go away, taken from the first letter of each word in the phrase Eat Shit And Die.
Person 1: You are working to slow.

Person 2: ESAD!!

Person 1 walks away feeling hurt or rejected.
by Fritzy30 November 21, 2011
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Hey boyz, wanna see this strip show?
ESAD you greasy cocksucker...
by Gavin Knight January 6, 2004
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Translates to "Eat Shit And Die".
AOLuser1322456: Wow! Neopets R Fun!
CSUser: ESAD nub.
by Gxp January 7, 2003
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Acronym that means "eat shit and die"

It can an also be extended to "eat shit, and then die" ESATD

Or if you mean serious business,

"Eat shit and then die, you dumb asshole." ESATDYDA

At which point it looks like a Mexican celebration phrase in ALL CAPS.
Person1: "ur a punk. u haev no lief"
Person2: "Shut the fuck up, I am tired of your bullshit. ESAD"

by Zee June 12, 2007
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Eat shit and die.

The process in which a person ingests faeces, and then dies.

Normally used as an abbreviation when texting.

Alternatives: F**k off, get lost, piss off, go away, leave me alone.
Hillary: "Obama makes a great U.S president!"
Donald: "ESAD, Hillary."
by Peviz February 19, 2016
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Eat Something Awful Day

A day to eat whatever you want, no matter how "bad-for-you" it is.

This day made up by failing dieters.
It's ESAD! Let's celebrate by eating triple fried oreos and straight lard.

by ooolaugh March 10, 2010
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Epic Style and Despacito. Used anytime that you want.
Do you want to ESAD? Sure ESAD.
Thanks for ESAD bro.
I love ESAD.
Stop ESAD.
Why don’t you ESAD?!
by psuedo psuedo October 31, 2018
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