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1. Liquid medication that was once used to treat psychiatric patients before the discovery of modern day neurology and psychology, it often rendered the patient to a vegetable like state.

2. Any alcoholic beverage from Shiner Bock, Stolichnaya to lean and drank.
Gabe: Man psychology has come a long way.
Zach: yeah dawg, if you even had the slightest presence of psychological abnormality a century ago, they’d just give you goofy juice and lock you in a room.

Zach: Man, Rob sure is high on that goofy juice.
Gabe: yeah man
by ZachAttack94 September 30, 2018

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A song of worship to sing at church, or anywhere else for a good feeling usually, some well known hymns are Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, Blessed Assurance, Softly & Tenderly and Just as I am.
Zachary: I love to bounce to Bone Thugz n Harmony more than anyone, but I make time to listen to hymns good for the soul.
by ZachAttack94 September 26, 2018

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When you haven’t been as religious as you were and should be but the lord shows you he loves you anyway, by helping you out with the struggles of life, such as getting an assignment turned in on time after procrastinating or being able to get up enough money to repair your ride.
Nick: Hey dawg, you get those financial ratios done?

Me: yeah man...

Nick: Damn, how did you do it?

Me: amazing grace, idk how else to put it
by ZachAttack94 September 25, 2018

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A terrible f@ckin’ day period... a tragic day back in September 2001, will be exploited by the right and libtards both but doesn’t take away from devastating heartbreak seeing those many people perish due to a terrible Islamic fed agenda.
9/11, World Trade Center
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by ZachAttack94 October 10, 2020

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Veterans of the battle of Chosin Reservoir, during the Korean War. One of the most brutal battles in U.S military history. Occurred when 100’s of thousands of Chinese soldiers crossed the North Korean border resulting in Army & Marine Corps regiments being surrounded, all in -30 degree weather in late 1950.
Ray: “Hey Zach, your Grandpa is a veteran right?”

Zachary: “Yes sir, Korean War, one of the Chosin Few & it makes me proud.”
by ZachAttack94 February 28, 2020

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A reference to Alzheimer’s disease, there’s nothing funny about this. All-timer meaning an elderly individual, which are known to have this disease. There is nothing worse than losing your mind.
Ray: Why hasn’t Zachary been is class?

Kalder: He’s in Dallas visiting his grandparents, one of which is suffering from all-timers disease.
by ZachAttack94 April 29, 2019

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