Tenderly is a type of girl u would love to meet she loves to have fun but can be a bit rude sometimes she’s super smart and creative she’s soooo good drawing u can’t compete with her everybody knows tenderly everyone wants to be her friend if u meet a tenderly bet you she would know all the teachers in the school
Did u know Michael has a crush on tenderly

Everybody knows tenderly

Bet u every teacher in this school knows tenderly
by Tenderly December 31, 2020
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it sounds like some sort of alcoholic drink.

however, it is a random name of a dreamed up book by mcb in her late middle school years.

the book is rumored to be in progress. about hamster armies being in charge of every natural disaster within the past 10 years.

i think boys play a large part in it.

kevin riggle to matt lemieux to tom fuller.

if it ever gets published. or even drafted. it will be a wonderful book to read.

inspired in part by the song WAITING FOR YOU. and shelby hanson.
tenderly on the rocks is the name of a book
by clonazepam .5 mg May 30, 2009
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sh*t girl, she always saying about transexuals boy's

and she very pretty and sexy
tenderly for idiots
by flexice May 15, 2021
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