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God with a 49ers uniform on
God, I mean Joe Montana won 4 Super Bowls.
by Your Daddy October 29, 2003

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A rifle designed in the 1920s by John C. Garand, a Canadian. Once accepted by the U.S. Army, it was the world's first semi-automatic rifle to be in military service. It had a significant advantage over bolt-action rifles because of its semi-automatic mechanism. The shooter can shoot as fast as he can pull the trigger. In the late years of the World War II, Semi-automatic rifles were adopted by other nations, such as the Gewehr 43 of the German Army, and the Tokarev SVT-40 of the Russian Army. Both of these rifles were inferior compared to the M1 Garand. The M-1 Garand was deadly accurate to ranges of about 600-700 meters, and its maximum range was about 1000 meters. This did not prove to be a disadvantage because infantry rarely engaged the enemy at ranges of over 400 meters. The only drawback of the M1 Garand rifle is the 8-round en bloc clip. With this clip, the rifle could not be reloaded in the middle of shots; the soldier had to shoot off all his rounds before reloading. Also to add to this drawback was the loud "bing" sound the clip made when ejecting. Despite these disadvantages, the M1 Garand rifle was the greatest battle implement ever devised. The M1 Garand rifle shot the .30-06 round, slightly larger than the German 7.92x57mm rifle round, the Soviet 7.62x54mm R rifle round, and roughly equivalent to the British .303 round. The M1 Garand was the base design for later rifles such as the M14A and M14A1, chambered around the 7.62x51 NATO (.308 Winchester) round.
A carbine version was also produced for the M1 Garand in World War II, the M1A1 Carbine. It came in both wooden stock and folding stock versions for paratroops. It was a rather weak carbine, due to its shorter barrel. It was also a bit inaccurate, but its compact size and light weight provided mobility. It was usually issued to soldiers who are not in the infantry (truck drivers, supply and logistics), officers, NCOs, and tank crews. In the meanwhile, the M1 Garand rifle was issued to the infantry rifleman. With this rifle, the American infantryman always had the advantage over their enemy.
man, you bitches dont know shit about guns, shut the hell up and make up definitions on something else.

As 8 Japs came charging at him with fixed bayonets, the American marine dropped all of them with his trusty M1 Garand. The loud bing was heard by his comrades as the last Jap fell to the ground.
by your daddy January 23, 2005

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Like a slut, but with connotations of nastiness.
Your mom is a total skank.
by your daddy December 28, 2002

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A place where homosexuals, aka FAGGOTS, live.
Faggotville is full of gay clubs.
by your daddy May 17, 2003

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the one who happily stuck his dick in your mom
(back in the 70's) OH DADDY! FUCK ME!
by your daddy March 12, 2004

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A melee (hand to hand) weapon. It is a long pole about five or six feet with a very short blade at the spearhead. The spear was very reliable back in the ancient to medieval ages. It is mainly a light thrusting weapon, also efficient in repelling cavalry. It can also be used to be thrown at the enemy. Unlike the sword, and the great axe, the spear did not take much energy to use. The spear was very light compared to the broadsword, and one slight thrust with the spear can kill, unlike the broadsword, where one has to swing hard to inflict damage. The spear also has its disadvantages; a very agile and fast soldier is best suited for using a spear, not the slow, big, tough soldier who can't move as fast. Since the pole of the spear is made of wood, a sword or axe can cut a spear in half, so a spear can not block any swings. Spears are also awkward when used with shields. Despite these disadvantages, the spear was an excellent weapon in the ancient to medieval ages until the advent of the gunpowder age.
The Roman soldiers first threw their spears into the enemy line, then drew their short swords and charged the enemy.
by your daddy May 26, 2004

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1. A person who knows nothing about football that likes to dress up as a grim reaper or some other horror film monster.
2. A drunken idiot that is so ashamed to be a Raider fan, they have to hide behind face-paint and masks.
3. A fan that makes excuses and blames the refs for their losses.
4. Someone who can never get out of the 49ers shadow- hence the dark makeup and masks.
5. Obviously an idiot for liking a team that moves to LA for money, fails, and then moves back to Oakland.
6. Those drunken idiot white trash fools looking for fights that are at A's games on "Dollar Night" because thats the only game they can afford to go to.
6. Someone who likes a team that they can't watch on TV because of their selfish owner needs a sell-out crowd to do so, in which never happens because Raider fans never go to games.
7. I think I've made my point.
Any brainwashed institutionalized trashy scumbag is guaranteed to be a Raider fan.
by Your Daddy November 04, 2003

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