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A word formerly used to describe fecal matter, however now can be used to describe anything conceivable, from nouns to emotions.
K: check out my new Porsche!
G: that shits tite

L: I completely agree with Obama's statement that robust diplomacy and effective development are the best long-term tools for securing America's future.
F: that shits gay

J: POLICE!!!! Put your hands in the air!!!!

B: yo i banged that chickenhead last nite
V: awwww shiieett
by Young Reezie December 04, 2009

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One sad motherfucker with no life as seen by his 501,337 decisions (316 per day) he made as an Urban dictionary editor. Assuming he made 316 decisions every day, he would have to had spent 1587 days to get to that number, thats 4.3 years of nonstop editing 24/7. It's obvious to all that he doesn't get out much.
hammer ---; , hytham needs to find something else better to do with his time like get a job or some poontang
by Young Reezie December 13, 2009

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Yet another sad poonless loner with absolutely no life, who has taken up hammer ---; , hytham's torch as the Urban Dictionary editor with the most time on his hands. Currently at 532,860 decisions (351 per day), he would have spent 4.2 years of non-stop editing everyday in between jacking off to tentacle hentai porn in his parent's basement alone in the dark, surrounded by empty pizza boxes and beer cans, sweating profusely in his greasy t-shirt and semen-stained underpants. Occasionally his mother yells at him to get off his fat lazy ass but she has secretly given up all hope of him doing anything with his life. Thus mertqq's only solace is the fact that he has made the most decisions on urbandictionary.com where he spends all his nights checking the 'Users' list from time to time to ensure his decision-making superiority remains uncontested.

Congratulations mertqq.
hammer ---; , hytham has moved on, it is possible he found a job, but most likely he has simply died of diabetes or other complication from his obesity. It is only a matter of time mertqq succumbs to his poor lifestyle and diet, and someone else takes the torch.

Will it be you?
by Young Reezie October 12, 2010

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another word for lazy
D: heyy im soo laid back
B: yeah thats just you being lazy...
by Young Reezie February 01, 2010

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The name of 95% of black African Americans.
Teacher: jamal C. stop hitting jamal P. with jamal F's. notebook
Jamal C: i dun no
Jamal L: yo guy
Jamal O: oi oi oi
Teacher: god damn there are a lot of Jamal's in my class
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008

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A small (5 foot 2 inches) Korean with a very small penis and hairy back. Has a ridiculous balding hairdo which looks like someone threw a wig in a cotton candy machine and glued the mess to his head, smells of old socks and has the fashion sense of a blind autistic child. Also cannot spek Engrish good.

Leader of a cruddy subcountry known as North Korea which houses a few half-assed nuclear weapons and a lot of starving gooks.
Kim Jong Il: I am cool
Dude: You are short, grow away
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008

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80% of the worlds' passwords
its for ppl who are too lazy to think up a password, they just type asdasd
by Young Reezie January 31, 2008

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