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A gang from an extremely amusing movie called "Snitch'd". The synopsis is as follows:

When the South Side Gang and the Cut Throat Mafia start a drug war at a local high school in Santa Ana, CA detective McClure goes undercover to investigate the brutal murder of a young Latina student. The gang members are the key suspects but nobody is talking. And as McClure continues to dig for answers, it becomes clear that the two gangs are fighting for territory - and nobody is getting in their way.

The cover shows a huge spic thug with a gun, however the movie itself is just terrible.
cut throat mafia: yo you got the drugs essa?
viewers: umm, how to the drug dealers not notice the narc hiding under a few newspapers on a table RIGHT NEXT TO THEM?!?!?
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
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Fruit of the Loom, a white man's type of boxer shorts, bland color and waistband.
White man: i need more boxers honey, get me FOTL
White man's wife: ok dear
by Young Reezie April 17, 2008
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An insult used against an annoying short person or person that is small in stature.

Synonymous with "go away" however grow is added for increased insult.
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
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One sad motherfucker with no life as seen by his 501,337 decisions (316 per day) he made as an Urban dictionary editor. Assuming he made 316 decisions every day, he would have to had spent 1587 days to get to that number, thats 4.3 years of nonstop editing 24/7. It's obvious to all that he doesn't get out much.
hammer ---; , hytham needs to find something else better to do with his time like get a job or some poontang
by Young Reezie December 13, 2009
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Similar to bed head however instead of indicating you just got out of bed, it looks like you just gave head.

Characterized by a large hand print on the back of ones head.
by Young Reezie February 14, 2008
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A polymer framed, double action only semi automatic pistol chambered for the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) cartridge. Manufactured by the Glock company of Austria. Comes standard with single column six round magazine.

Can be modded to a fully automatic machine pistol with a 26 round capacity (high cap mag).
A Glock 45 pistol at my local gun shop.
by Young Reezie January 29, 2008
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Got Milk? is an American advertising campaign encouraging the consumption of cow's milk, created for the California Milk Processor Board in 1993. The voice saying "Got Milk?" at the end of each television ad is that of veteran voiceover actor Denny Delk.

In 1998, the slogan “got milk?” campaign expanded to include the faces, but not the names, of celebrities. By adding the celebrity cachet, awareness of drinking milk has increased 90%. Today the slogan is an international icon and the phrase has been parodied more than any other ad slogan.
Doctor: mrs. lipstein l'm afraid l have some bad news. the tumor is malignant. i'm afraid you only have 6 months to live.

Mrs. lipstein: oh my god!!!

narrator: got milk?
by Young Reezie December 11, 2009
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