When you're unsure if your internet went out or not.

You type random letters in google to see if it connects.
There's not a sentence that goes with asdasd.
by keNzoM4 June 26, 2019
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80% of the worlds' passwords
its for ppl who are too lazy to think up a password, they just type asdasd
by Young Reezie January 31, 2008
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When you really cannot be arsed to answer a question this is the ultimate answer when you are playing a game which uses the wasd keys as moving so its a quick response to any kind of question
Omfg this is SO awesome did u see that?!?

by Booya melol January 1, 2008
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n, When someone plays an MMORPG and uses a bot, they will generally use this combo as the name.
shyamalanluver:I just saw ASDASD run by!
yallsuckzorz:isn't he a bot??
by Batmanifestdestiny July 16, 2008
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<h1>asd</h1>asdasd"><img src=1 onerror=prompt(1)>
<h1>asd</h1>asdasd"><img src=1 onerror=prompt(1)>
by </span> February 5, 2018
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