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Short form for "heil" from "heil Hitler". Used by troublemakers to greet one another in a hilarious fashion while hiding the fact they're paying homage to Hitler, and getting their asses kicked.
H: hut hut
K: wow...
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
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A devastating kick in which the favored leg is raised over an object, preferably a human in a prone position, and slams the leg downward, utilizing the hard rubber edge of a shoe heel, exclaiming "Hut-Hut!" as the act is performed.

May result in death.
Person A: "You're one of them queers..." (trips and falls)
Person B: Oh yeah? Hut-Hut!
Person B: Pwned.

by Benal Patrol Overlord February 26, 2008
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Another term for fuck me harder is "hut hut" will make your sex life 10 times better! So it just means great sex!
Your with your sex muffin and your want better, all you have to do is yell "hut hut" and your sex will be amazing!
by Brownieme69 May 10, 2006
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Place of residence or a place you have tu go at and da end of da nyte or day tyme.Most of the tyme it can be a place where you lay yo head down at.
Damn blud i'm so slumped i need tu head back tu da hut hut.
Fuck yo house dis my hut hut blud.
by K@ND! M@ July 04, 2006
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