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A phrase said at E3 by a Sony rep, while playing one of the new "exciting and innovative" sony games.

It is now an infamous phrase used among sony haters.
"such innovative play"

"you can attack its weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE"

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Made for eating. That's it.
If you get some food, here's an idea: Try eating it instead of throwing it at someone. Maybe then all of the work put into preparing your lunch for your greedy ass wouldn't be in vain.

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A digital art style that uses vector software, such as Adobe Illustrator, and Flash.

Vector drawings, unlike pixel drawings, are done using the pen tool, which creates "paths" that are seen as points (like on an x and y axis) by your computer. Because of the fact that they are paths and not pixels, you could zoom in on a vector picture without it getting that ugly pixelly look. (This will not work, however, if you copy a vector drawing into a non-vector program (raster program) such as Paint or something, and zoom in. Then you will see pixels.)

While Photoshop does have a pen tool, if you make a "vector" with it, you will not be able to scale your image to whatever size you want. Some people argue that this means that they are not vector images. Others argue the opposite.

Finding a cool looking image on the internet, and clicking filter, artistic, cutout, in photoshop does not create a vector image. With a vector image, you can manipulate your colors to suit your picture. A cutout gives you no control of this, and a lot of them aren't even very recognizable; just a bunch of colors.

There are also vexels, which are like vectors, except they are made in raster programs, such as photoshop. This, however, should be an entire definition in itself, written by someone who knows more about the subject.

Let's review, shall we?

A vector is a work of aart made in a vector program (or, as some would argue, with the use of a pen tool in any program that has a pen tool)

The cutout tool does not create a vector.
While many vector programs can be extremely expensive, there is a freeware vector program called Inkscape. Google it. It's a nice tool if you are just getting into vectors.

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what the first person above me wrote is almost correct. However, in spanish, "es" is the conjugated verb of "ser" for if you wanted to say "ella es" or "el es" (he is or she is) Becuase "tu" means "you" in spanish, and the conjugated verb of ser for "tu" is "eres" then the proper definition would be "tu eres muy bonita"
"tu eres muy bonita" not "tu es muy bonita" it would be like saying "you is very beautiful"
I'm taking spanish 1, and I know this, and I still can't get an "A" in this class.

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A band with a lead singer that has a squeaky annoying voice. The music itself is okay, but the singer....sucks.
hm...this is some good music...until the guy starts singing....

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Feeling of sadness or depression, usually felt in the teen years. The whole depression thing isn't really helped by the fact that almost all rock music (the music most angsty people I know listen to,) is aout NOTHING BUT being depressed, or contemplating suicide. But a lot of angsty teens listen anyway, because they think that they can relate to super rich adult celebrities.
Music: Suffocation, no breathing, don't give a f*ck if I cut my arms bleeding...
Angsty teen: Oh Papa Roach...you know how I feel...
Papa roach: *enjoying a giant swimming pool at a resort somewhere*

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A song by Green Day. It was great at first, but was overplayed by alternative rock stations, and was raped of its musical...goodness. To all the people that said this was Green Day's best song, I really hope you have heard some of their other songs....I have, and I can tell you right now, that this is definately not their best song (in my opinion, anyway)...this is how radio ruins great music....
Wow, I just heard boulevard of broken dreams....for the tenth time today....*twitch*

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