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1. George W. Bush, president of the United States.
2. Product used to sanitize an unpleasant, dirty vagina.
See also douchebag]. Definition 1 also applies to douchebag].
George Bush is such a douche, man.
by YOREMA October 27, 2004

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The act of male masturbation.
See also wank, spanking the monkey.
"Johnny's mother caught him in the middle of a five knuckle shuffle."
by YOREMA July 11, 2003

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A woman who likes to lead men on with hints that they could possibly have sex with her, even though she has no intention of ever engaging in sexual intercourse with them.
Simile of cocktease.
"That bitch is such a fucking pricktease."
by YOREMA July 11, 2003

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A variant of the commonly known Dublin skanger, knacker and scumbag. Many specimens like to wear baseball caps with razor sharp creases in the peak, perched precariously as high as possible on their head, which is entirely shaven except for the fringe. Pathetic looking fluff above the upper lip is a sought after characteristic in a scobe. The latest in Reebok, Nike and Adidas apparel - often fake or stolen - can be usually seen hanging off a scobe.
Look at the tracksuit on that fucking scobe.
by YOREMA July 10, 2003

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One who is a fucking twat, or vulgar slang for female genitalia.
He's a right geebag!
by YOREMA April 02, 2003

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One who grows cannabis for sale or personal use.
"The police arrested Bobby because he's a ganja farmer."
by YOREMA August 15, 2003

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1. A bedpan
2. Urinal, commonly seen in men's public toilets
James grabbed his crotch in terror as he realised the pisspot was broken.
by yorema July 09, 2005

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