To go on with it even though there is or was a issue
Happy Birthday :D(in spite of the the fact of how you treated our friends and family so poorly that they could have died)
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Spite is a form of very deep and intense hatred towards someone who you feel has wronged you. When feeling true spite towards somebody, one does not waste any chance to cause harm to their source of anger, even if it means neglecting their own well-being.
Can you honestly say anything good ever comes from spite?

Spiting someone isn't going to solve your problems, it'll to make them worse.
by Spiteful old man December 4, 2015
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An act of spite is something that you wouldn't ordinarily do, just to prove a point and get back at someone who pissed you off. The spiteful act can be something out of character, something you don't enjoy doing, or even something that hurts you. You rationalize this by knowing that even though you might be hurting yourself, the satsifaction you'll get from pissing off the other person will more than make up for it.
Football Example:
If the QB is being a dick to the offensive line, they can step aside out of spite, and let the linebackers sack the QB's ass. They'll sacrifice the play and could lose the game if the QB gets injured, but it's worth it to see the QB get fucked up.

Career Example:
You're boss offers you a promotion, but everyone knows that if you decline, he'll offer it to your coworker. You might not even want the promotion, but if your co-worker is being a douche, you can take the job out of spite, just to piss him/her off.
by Saint of San Diego December 17, 2008
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Pure hatred for someone or something over little things.

Having an attitude 24/7
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Being or Doing something that will negatively affect a person or group because of feelings of resentment towards them.
Mary was being spiteful when she took the last slice of pizza, She didn’t want her enemy to get any.
by JhonGhotti June 24, 2018
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An internal fealing of extreme hatred and on ocasions other emotions at the same time (envy, fobia, more hatred). In most ocasions spite can cous psychopathy, an urge to hurt, an urge to kill, a deathwish or simply loosing consiousness and regaining it at a random place (police station, hospital, graveyard, friends house, dumpster, etc) covored with blood and with a very sharp object in one hand.

note: spite is much more as hatred, in the same mannar as love is much more tha likence
Spite coused jimmy to go insane and sloughter his classroom with an ak-47
by obsidian January 20, 2005
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Due to someone making you angry (ex, friends, parents) you turn off your cell phone, go party, hang out with your buds and doing everything knowing that the person who made you mad, will get angry at your for doing. This hater of yours won't know what you actually are doing, but because you know it'll make them mad, you are happy. Your purpose is just to piss them off behind their backs.
I'm going to spite her/him by sleeping with someone else.

I'm going to spite her/him by not doing my homework.

I'm spiting her/him by staying up all night and getting drunk.
by L!z June 23, 2005
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