Is it a man? Is it a woman? Is it a planet? No it’s KOBO. She will snatch your mom right from your dad... she is soon to be your step-thing. There is lots of her to go around. Also she probably shits in Gardens..:) lucky you
Kobo is fucking my mom.. she just fell threw through the ceiling!
by dabdab69 January 17, 2020
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The subunit of the Nigerian currency Naira. 100 Kobos are equal to 1 Naira.
"Good afternoon Madam, and Congratulations, you have won 1 Million Kobos, in our weekly lottery draw, all we require are your bank details to transfer you the monies"

"Ok... How much is 1 Million Kobos, in Sterling?"

"Let me just check that for you Madam... and it is... 4 pounds and 31 pence"

by Mr Kobo February 22, 2010
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A guy that is SMOKING hot in his teenage years then turns onto a lump of ugly shit the second he hits 20. He is also usually a paint sniffing meth addict, and an EXREME man whore!

* this definition also applies to females. Only the term is Koba instead of Kobo
Katy: I remember this guy that I dated in high school.... Ahh damn he was hot!
Jessica: Whatever happened to him? Is he dead or something?
Katy: No its nothing like that. He just got really fucking ugly one summer! He turned into a major Kobo so I dumped him!
Jessica: Ohhh that's harsh!
Katy: No that's just anybodies reaction to a Kobo.
by ThePrimMs. July 21, 2011
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A type of sex position where you twirl the girl upside down with your fingers and poke her eyes with your penis. "The Kobo"
As Mariah gets twirled around, James takes his dick out and positions her for the kobo
by zekedamasa October 30, 2007
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questioning if someone is being real with you. Much like the phrase "are you being serious?"
Damian: "I saw Flolandra the other day and she was lookin fineee!"

Tyrece: "Het kobo fo lie?!"
by MEEEP123 March 11, 2010
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It's a mechanized mechanism where the upper limb will be motivated,to blow balloons,

Magic is performed by the Kobo team and Coitus happens or do not!
It is also used to describe a hot lady
Or and sexual act
I want to Kobo
See that Kobo
Kobo ride
by Kobo ambassador July 18, 2018
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