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Finger, suck, eat, etc. a girl until she is begging for it. Then rub your stiffy round her golden valley until she screams at you to give her a banging. Right when her frustration is at its highest level, stop and finish with a DIY(do it yourself) handjob. Then leave the room without saying a word. Not to be tried if you want to shack up with the selfish bitch again.
So I thought I would try the muff teaser tonight on that ungrateful bitch Michelle.
by womanizer February 29, 2004

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A variation of the Bullwinkle in which you give two peace signs as your signal of dominance. May enhance the act by shaking jowls and yelling, "I'm not a crook". This is considered very bold and is frowned upon for those with a modicum of decorum.
I pulled the Nixon last night on your mom.
by Womanizer June 07, 2003

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when you see too much EXCESS skin showing/over lapping bodily areas that shouldnt be there, then you take the proper actions and yell WHALE!!! and tell every one to run for their lives and you take the action of throwing something at that thing (in a sense harpooning the whale). Sharp objects are recommened. And remember it takes a lot to bring down a whale. *CAUTION* EXTREMELY DANGEROUS ADVANCE AT OWN RISK
Johnny did you see that huge whale walking into the ice cream parlor. Hapoon! that whale. Do you want to go whaleing on halloween?
by womanizer January 05, 2006

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While performing oral sex on a girl, flap your lips together on her clit, thus imitating the sound of a motorboat. She'll love you forever.
So I was doing the motorboat last night and I hit a big ass wave and capsized
by womanizer April 12, 2004

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To pursue women lecherously.
Bill Clinton is a womanizer.
by Womanizer July 01, 2003

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