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A bottle of liquor, usually of good quality, that only a select group of people at a party drink from; as opposed to being shared throughout the party.
Yo man, put tha VIP Bottle down. That's for me and these guys only.
by Wojo211 July 15, 2005

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Coffee Snooters involve crushing up caffeine pills (available at your local pharmacy) and insufflating (snorting) them in lines like llello. Isn't stronger than just eating caffeine, but hits much quicker. Less nausea too!
Hey, lets go get some coffee snooters and vodka!
by Wojo211 August 08, 2005

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Snooters n' Shooters is a combination of doing shots of strong liquor and doing lines of either cocaine or caffeine (see coffee snooters). Gets you fucked up like no other.
We were doing snooters n' shooters at Jeffy's house last night. When we were too fucked up to take anymore, we played Madden.
by Wojo211 September 11, 2005

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A bong or any other type of water pipe used for the smoking of marijuana. Combination of bong and chimichanga.
The word only sounds funny after hittin' the chimibonga.
by Wojo211 July 20, 2005

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The act of spitting out beer/liquor/other alcoholic beverages upon attempting to chug any amount of them.
Yo man, Jeff just tried chuggin that Mickey's but that punk spit up!
by Wojo211 July 11, 2005

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