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A You Tube celebrity that wades in drainage ditches to hunt snapping turtles. He is currently up to 1.8 Million hits. He might be one of the biggest hillbillies of all time. His technique is to feel out the turtles with his feet and then yank them up and shriek out loud. Heeee-yip!

Turtle Man Quote - " I try not to smile cause I got ma teef knocked out by a chain saw."
Did you see the Turtle Man get bit by that huge snapper?
by WindowLicker9000 January 29, 2010
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The character Jim Halpert uses from "The Office" to fuck with Dwight Schrute during a customer sensitivity drill over the phone in front of Michael Scott.
Jim Halpert: Hi, This is Bill Buttlicker and I'd like to buy some paper.

Dwight Schrute: Wait, that's not really your name, Bill Buttlicker?
by WindowLicker9000 February 03, 2010
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A particularly skinny skank-ass girl that thinks its hilarious when people make fun of her and has no clue. She most likely will have a NewPort cigarette addiction and work at a fast food drive-through.

{ BAH } Can be used in code to call one out discreetly if in the same room.

Originated to describe some of the girls in the Damascus, MD area.
Crystal, your a busted ass hoe!
by WindowLicker9000 January 29, 2010
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When you take your feeblest friend and roll them up into their own mattress to make them look like a human burrito.
Damn Nick, you just put Levi into a feeble burrito. SLOTH KIll!
by WindowLicker9000 February 03, 2010
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A person who is a general mess. A fat slob of a person. This person will have a butt shelf or a dump ass for certain.
woooe. Look at that sloth bucket truck some food.
by WindowLicker9000 February 03, 2010
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Another word for a dogs tail. Especially when a dog has his butt towards you and is waving his tail.
Hey, check it out, Harley is waving is ass flag.
by Windowlicker9000 March 06, 2010
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A nick name for any of your Irish friends that have a "Mc" in the front on their name that are always mooching. Bumming cigarettes, beers, food, clothes and just about anything they can mooch. They will most often "forget" their wallet when eating out and have to borrow though never to pay back. They can however be very generous when money is available to them and blow through it immediately which is why they never have anything.
McMooch, I can't believe you forgot your wallet again and need to hold 10.
by WindowLicker9000 April 17, 2010
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