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Andrew Conboy, AKA iConboy or just Conboy is a YouTuber from Philadelphia who specializes in Call of Duty on the Wii and is the most popular in that field with about 57k subscribers...
iConboy had more skill as a COD player than Alia, Eliteshot, TMartn, Faze Rain, Merkmusic, Birdman, Nadeshot, Duckvoice, Prosydicate, Tiago Spartan Beast and PrestigeIsKey COMBINED
by Why dew U care M8Y? July 13, 2016
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Damn dude... I asked for SMH and she sucked me dry...
by Why dew U care M8Y? September 21, 2016
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A British Subculture of people who are young, poor, and act rash and naive...

Like an American Redneck or a Russian Gopnik
Neil Brachpeice, a comedian, whos stage name/persona, The Wee Man, is a stereotype of a British Chav
by Why dew U care M8Y? July 13, 2016
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Another Tranny who got her own reality TV show on TLC called I Am Jazz...

She might seem sweet and innocent on the outside, but she's exploitive and does anything possible to get attention. Although she hasn't reacted to Boku No Pico (a real story about a real transgender) yet so...
They cancelled Honey Boo Boo for I am Jazz? WTF???? Fuck Jazz Jennings
by Why dew U care M8Y? September 10, 2016
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The blonde from Yuru Yuri. She's lazy as fuck, likes to eat Rum Rasin Ice Cream and make other people pay for it, dressing up like a tomato, writing fanfiction about her anime waifu, Mikurun, and obseesing over Chinatsu, a member of the amusement club. She'd be my perfect anime Waifu, but she's only 14. She's also got many memes based after her.
Toshinou Kyouko- "I want to eat you Chinatsu-Chan.", "If I can do I tomorrow, I won't do it today.", "Why don't you have any provocative underwear?"
by Why dew U care M8Y? July 13, 2016
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