A stereotypical term that refers to young russians living in lower class.
by AI Goalies April 23, 2018
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A people from slav countries (mainly eastern, central Europe and Russia) from lower classes. They are like brothers and sisters. Every gopnik is on the same level as the others. They are just enjoying the gift of life with bottle of vodka and hardbass. Originally gopnik was a movement of poor people from Russia, now it's a naming for person from eastern Europe. Everybody is their брат.
What the блин is this gopnik doing?

He is drinking vodka, let's enjoy some hardbass music.
by WilderThaCoolGuy! January 18, 2022
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Plural 'gopniki', these are Russian white trash, commonly found on the outskirts of Moscow and in towns throughout Russia. Clothes and behaviour are remarkably similar to those of the British chav, i.e. tracksuits, baseball caps, outdoor drinking and petty criminality. The only difference is that they speak Russian.
"Don't go to Podmoskovie, for fuck's sake. Nothing there but gopniki."
by PaddyJ May 15, 2007
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the gopnik, plural "gopniki" or "gopota" are originally, russian lower class (and by lower class i do not imply that there is a middle one) youth from the criminal regions of moscow, who were controlled by the local mafias. In 1980s and 1990s, developed into a youth subculture that opposed other subcultures such as the bikers, the punks, the KPSS, etc. just for the hell of it. nowdays, the gops are controlled only loosely by higher criminal organizations and are usually found in any novostroiki regions. Their native language is mat, and they feed themselves through robberies, known as "gop stop" and small operations. their most common attire are fake addidas track-suits and knopka caps, although those are now less popular. They often assiciate themselves with the Skins, or the neo-nazi movements, and beat up asians, caucaus peoples, blacks, jews, and homosexuals, as well as their main enemies, the punks. Basically, they are trash with no past, culture, or education, and with a future that consists of kutuzka (slammer) or the military, and later death from heroin od, or liver cyrosis, like the rest of us.
"Moskovskaya gopota(gopniki) s kajdim dnem plodits'a i razrostayets'a, kak gadina bolotnaya"
by Winston Wax October 5, 2007
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true slavic male. wears adidas tracksuit and always slav squatting. all men should be gopnik
hey check that gopnik. he is real man
by anucheekibreeki February 12, 2018
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