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Classification for people who incessantly post heated and insulting rebuttal messages in web forums. Nothing better to do than anonymously harass others online, it seems. A more productive use of their time would include thinking of ways to kill themselves. Instead, they submit volumes of circular text that always fails to make a point or debunk the original author’s statements with any validity.

The exchange can spiral out of control in a few different ways, usually after the original author responds to the comments. Often, the netidiot is incited by author’s reply, as though somehow shocked that someone they verbally assaulted would treat them with the same manner in return.

Most notable is the netidiot’s obvious emotional instability, and failure to recognize when they've been outwit and defeated. Remarkably, they always insist that any number of other posts that disagree with them are "stupid."
Who died and made you king of the netidiots?
by Wes Ferguson June 26, 2005

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(super-flu-jà voo): Knowledge déjà vu, feeling as though a certain learning exercise has already been experienced; particularly apt when re-learning superfluous material.
"I’ve already been educated on this shit, I’m totally getting supérflujà vu from this research."
by Wes Ferguson July 08, 2005

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Best guess, using formulated approach to vaguely reference any particular set of information.
"From the location and smell of urine from the street, I’m guestimating this housewarming is more like a squat party at a crack house."

"I'm guestimating we'll be ready around 6 o'clock."
by Wes Ferguson July 08, 2005

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Refers to high traffic links, pics, and creative banner ads that are impossible to refrain from clicking.
This week I've seen two of the clickablest banners to run on thisite.com, probably ever.
by Wes Ferguson June 26, 2005

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Term for someone who has no accomplishments to speak of, wastes time or is not productive, a jerk-off.
Don't expect Ken to finish that report on time, he's a total wanker.
by Wes Ferguson June 27, 2005

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Boor-king (state of being) Messing around, wasting time, fucking off, having a laugh.
"Hey, what you doin' there sittin' on the stairs?"

"Oh, just borking."
by Wes Ferguson July 12, 2005

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