Best guess, using formulated approach to vaguely reference any particular set of information.
"From the location and smell of urine from the street, I’m guestimating this housewarming is more like a squat party at a crack house."

"I'm guestimating we'll be ready around 6 o'clock."
by Wes Ferguson July 8, 2005
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A guestimation is an entirely useless term that resides between guess and estimation.
Dude 1: My guestimation is about $1,500 for that car.
Dude 2: ?
by Transpolar Drift Stream July 20, 2011
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Half way between a guess and and an estimation.
Guy1: You were right! Edouard really is an idiot!
Guy2: So, my guestimations were correct! I knew it from the very beginning!
by Raffik October 11, 2007
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the most fucking retarded word in existance, people get stupider from hearing it
guy one- i just guestimated my income

guy two- your a fucking moron, i hate you, i will kill you and your family you dirty cock monger
by markie tuckett February 13, 2009
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V. To guess and estimate at the same time.
Ok, now guestimate the number of jelly beans in the bowl, Jimmy.
by Ferrett487 June 28, 2005
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To guestimate is when you have no idea about something, but you don't want to sound like an idiot.
Its a careful combination of guessing what the topic is about and then estimating the correct answer.
Also another thing you could add to this is a statistic, as it makes your answer sound more valid and believable!
Paul: so what do you think of the whole el nino phenomenon?
You: in your head, what the FU*K? Thanks paul!
Now you guestimate

Step one guess... Ok so it sounds kinda mexican, doesn't nino mean grandchild? Ok so its something to do with mexicans, sounds like a dance...
Step two estimate an appropriate answer...every one likes dancing and mexicans make good food so I'm gonna like it.
Make up a statistic... 89% of americans think its a positive movement.
Helpful tip: you could always be wrong so answer briefly and not to in depth!
You: well I feel its a positive movement that's changing the world in a dramatic way, 89% of americans see it in a favorable light!
In your head- BOOM how u like me now paul!
by boomyoulikethat June 2, 2011
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A word that fits in between a "guess" and an "estimate"
"Hey mate, how many chicks have you boned?"
"Awww man, I don't know.."
"err...five..hundred??? heh"
"Your an idiot"
by Aprimic January 2, 2009
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