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Package (can of sorts) of smokeless tobacco (dip)
i have two tins of skoal
by Watty June 10, 2004
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Being very chuffed or pleased with something or somebody.

Comes from the word 'pleased' which rhymes with 'cheddar cheese' which became 'cheddared'.
Brian was cheddared that all his friends had turned up for his birthday.

Steve receives an anonymous cheque for £3000: "Cheddared!!!".
by watty June 25, 2009
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When your hooking up with a girl and start jacking off... usually you turn slightly so she doesn't touch your penis by accident and catches you
I pulled a turning tim and jizzed all over her leg
by Watty June 09, 2004
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Very small person who resembles Ringo Starr
gee willikers look at that bowie!
by watty November 14, 2004
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