Smokeless tobacco, popular with hockey players, cowboys, and Southerners
After the hockey game me and mike packed a lip of vanilla skoal.
by rico suave February 3, 2005
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A word you just wanna shout when your tossin a thick lipper
skoal is the feeling you get when your so buzzed you cant walk
skoal is the feelin you get when you finally get that pinch you've craved all day
skoal straight is the only chew to chew. It ain't candy like Hawkens
But it buzzes you like a bitch unlike anything i've tried
And you can GUT IT!!!!
I threw an upper deck of skoal, so when I flashed my bottom
lip to my girl, she was happy that i wasn't dipping haha.
by D-rack the Dippa March 10, 2006
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brand of smokeless tobacco that destroys cope in taste.
i pack lips of skoal cuz it tastes good
by bukkake December 1, 2004
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the best thing on the face the earth.....if the earth had a face...which it might.....and if it does it prolly looks like a tin of skoal.....fuk'n right
skoalllll rocks
by mark palmer March 16, 2004
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smokeless tobacco that is tied with grizzly for taste. It comes in the flavors mint, spearmint, natural, straight, apple, vanilla, cherry, berry, citrus, peach, and wintergreen. usually costs between 4 and 5 dollars. Easier on your gums and teeth than grizzly, and beats the shit outta cope.
dumbass: I cant believe ur dippin skoal, that shit dont even give you a buzz.

cool guy: fuck you bitch, ive been dippin so long i dont even get a buzz anymore you little ass clown. keep dippin ur cheap shit and when you got a bloody mouth from all that fuckin fiberglass in it well see whos laughin then.
by joshtheskoaldipper March 7, 2008
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The pussiest brand of smokeless tobacco that sucks more dick than Sam hunt mainly used by guys with a vagina and Sam hunt fans you can hear buckle bunny asking to buy a tin of but a real cowboy will buy a tin of Copenhagen snuff
See that queer over there that is gayer than Sam hunt and AIDS fucking In the bathroom at the John Lennon concert he dips Skoal
by Yee yee cope January 27, 2017
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An exclamation/interjection in a toasting ceremony. From Nordic "skål", which is used for raising a toast and also means bowl.
- Bottom's up mate !
- Skoal !
by cedrcr4 March 15, 2015
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