Lev is a person with humor. He/she has a kind heart. He will get in trouble and be very mad at things, and is a little annoying . But in the end everything will turn out great.
Lev is very funny.
by Shgsgshd May 28, 2017
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Lev is a name usually for boys, it describes a person who has humor and is funny most of the time and has a weird ass laugh. he/she is also very empathetic and feels for you all the time. he is caring and loving as hell to his friends or his lover, and those who are dating someone named Lev are lucky as hell cuz you wont find nobody more loyal and loving then Lev.
by yaboicurronn November 15, 2019
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lev is a hot sufer dude and can make you laugh any time! he’s a pretty great guy and all but he loves to sneak out and is a bit of a bad boy. All in all having a lev as your best friend or boyfriend is so amazing and you should be very grateful to have a lev in your life!
wow i snuck out with lev last night and i think he likes me!
by suck my 9 inch peepee June 7, 2020
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n. a male name originating from 2 languages. 1, russian : Lion . 2, hebrew : Heart
by fasternfaster July 8, 2003
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The currency of Bulgaria. It's divided in 100 "stotinki". Lev also means lion in archaic Bulgarian
One euro is equal to 1.95 leva
by squax bmock August 7, 2007
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Hot as hell and is so much cooler than anyone in the world.
Lev rocks so much it is sad!
by Lev! December 25, 2004
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