8 definitions by Washy

An iOS game that is a lot like cards against humanity but a lot ruder and with a lot more knob jokes
by Washy February 17, 2015
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Someone who believes the Old Testament but not the New Testament and is waiting for their Jesus.
Judaism is the root of Christianity
by Washy February 18, 2015
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Something people lack
Not something you have if you are looking here for the definition
He decided that logic dictates he used Wikipedia instead
by Washy February 17, 2015
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To describe somebody of a less than honest character and nature....usually wears a hooded top. Used mainly in North-East of England, possibly from the word embezzlement.
Dont leave your car here, there's plenty of bezzlers round here who'll nick it!
by Washy April 6, 2008
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A telescope for your sense of smell, created by Hubert farnsworth it was the reason that mankind noticed a giant ball of 21st century trash flying towards earth, saving it from definite destruction.
May only exist in 31st century futurama
What happens if you use the smell-o-scope to smell Uranus- Fry
by Washy February 18, 2015
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A superhuman hero
For example superman, the hulk, the x-men
Does not include: batman, arrow, black widow, ironman, Al gore, those nerds with a dream
those superheroes are so cool that they make ordinary heros look bad
by Washy February 17, 2015
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A planet named by a very innocent man,

the focus of every astronomy joke ever
Renamed in futurama to urectum to stop the jokes
Uranus is a gassy planet
by Washy February 17, 2015
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