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An abbreviation for Women's and Gender Studies, a major that certain colleges and universities offer.
Something tells me that more women than men are WAGS majors, but I don't have the statistics to back it up.

One of the components to Middlebury's WAGS program, according to its website, is "a solid grounding in the theories and methods of women's and gender studies."
by Wanderfalke October 6, 2010
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An essay due at midnight, making for a stressful evening that turns to joy (or embarrassment) once the paper is sent off.
Jeff: "Hey, do you want to watch Star Wars tonight?"

Bryan: "No way! I'm writing a midnight essay, and it's already 7 p.m."
by Wanderfalke May 3, 2010
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To yank a wrinkled piece of clothing downward after putting it on, therefore straightening it out (kind of) in the absence of a time-intensive ironing process.
Julie: "Hey Brad, uh, that shirt's kind of wrinkled. You sure you want to wear that to your first date?"

Brad: "Wrinkled? I'll just man iron it!" (Pulls shirt down hard multiple times.)

Julie: "It's still kind of wrinkled. And now the collar's ripped."
Brad: "Women don't really notice these things, right?"
by Wanderfalke September 24, 2010
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One of the best computer games ever invented. Involves lots of strategy, but luck also. Numerous strategy guides have been written.
Yeah, Halo can be fun, but you really have to try the stock market.

If IGN rated the stock market, they would give it at least a 9.8 out of 10.
by Wanderfalke October 7, 2010
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A special meal during Finals Week at Middlebury College (and perhaps other schools), served at midnight, that consists of typical breakfast food. It lifts the mood of stressed, tired and hungry students who need something to keep them going.
Eating Midnight Breakfast made me feel a little better about tomorrow's chemistry exam.
by Wanderfalke May 3, 2010
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A liberal arts college founded in 1800 and located in Middlebury, Vermont. Like the other 10 NESCACs, it is a great place to get an education. The college is especially renowned for its language, environmental studies and international studies programs, though psychology and economics are among its most popular majors.

The school has a new library, a giant science hall built in 1999 and expansive arts and athletics facilities among other buildings on campus. The White Mountains border the campus to the west, and the Green Mountains (where the college's alpine and cross-country skiing facilities are located) to the east. The town of Middlebury has around 9,000 inhabitants and lots of small shops.

Students arrive here with a diverse array of achievements, but they recognize that every Midd Kid around them is pretty darn smart as well, and thus are not pretentious or boastful in general. When not studying, they enjoy both drinking and playing in the snow. Skiing is a popular activity.

Middlebury isn’t perfect, of course. Racism and anti-homosexual sentiments do exist among some. Still, those who attend this college should be thankful for the wonderful people, facilities and resources around them.

Instead of listening to arguments among students as to which liberal arts school is "Number one," high school seniors should research their options to decide which school is #1 for them. About half of the class of 2013 applied early decision; apparently, they did just that.
"Tom, I hear you applied somewhere early decision. Did you know that Middlebury is one of the top colleges in the country? I know this because I read U.S. News."

"That's cool, Mr. Plummer, but so is Williams, which I chose because of its awesome tutorial programs and the number of Rhodes Scholars it has graduated."
"Sounds like you've done your research, Tom!"

"You go to Middlebury College? That school isn't even in the top 10 of the U.S. News rankings!"

"Way to use outdated statistics. Anyway, considering that I'm a language major who loves to ski, attending a school with a famous language program and its own ski hill seemed like a pretty good choice."
"Wait, you mean college rankings have changed in the last five years?"
by Wanderfalke May 16, 2010
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