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integrous - having integrity. Possessing characteristics of honor, valor, loyalty, dedication, and respect.
"She ain't no integrous bitch. I done seen her flapping her jacks and poot-nanny at them men from the chamber pot depot. An I heard she married that dumb boy who ain't done no good for no one ever. She just use him as a pole to jig jig on when she be itchy.
by Vorlon007 August 21, 2016
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An elderly woman who baby sits a slut in recovery from excessive sexual adventures.
My poot-nanny came over after a multi-participant sex binge I had been on over the summer. She monitored the phone and door, not letting anyone disturb me as I recovered and prepared for my next adventure. Every good fucker needs a poot-nanny to maintain peak performance.
by Vorlon007 October 29, 2016
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the complex manipulation of people so that they are maneuvered into position to achieve a desired goal.
My desires are complex, and so I need to juxt into position the various players who can fulfill their tasks to achieve my objective.
by Vorlon007 August 14, 2016
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leaving an imprint on the fabric of reality. It's like what ghosts do.
Their love was so strong it will impressionate throughout time.
by Vorlon007 June 13, 2015
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Endemic to a particular relgion or area. Specialization of a species or genus so that it can only be found in a specific area.
I heard it was nabadigious people's day on the same day as Thanksgiving.
by Vorlon007 December 18, 2012
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The highly stimulated clitoris - the man in the boat (when he is standing up and at attention. The female equivalent of the male penile erection.
The woman was so turned on her clitorecti was blatantly obvious through the tight bikini she was wearing. All she need do was gyrate slightly and it would cause her to undergo intense orgasms.
by Vorlon007 December 01, 2012
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The act of being excessively diligent about billing. A billigent person invents obtuse ways of billing clients and passers-by alike for any reason vaguely linking others to owing money to them.
The billigent attorney would spend more time billing his clients than actually working for them. Every second of his waking hours was spent going over his client list, that way he could bill all his clients on a continual basis and back it up with time-entries like "status update" which actually meant all he did was think of their name and if any new activities were associated with them. More often than not, nothing had changed, given that his "status updates" occurred on an hourly basis. Billigent practices are frowned upon by ethical attorneys.
by Vorlon007 December 01, 2012
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