One who smokes marijuana, usually associated with rastafarism.
I'm a herbalist, I smoke to meditate.
by Codepink February 18, 2008
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An herbalist is someone who practices medicine using plants and plant extracts.
My herbalist gave me Colloidal Silver with Oxygen to help moisturize my skin.
by Red Dog August 19, 2005
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Some one who enjoys smoking a doobie
The len pod is the high grade specialist Herbalist. Go to him for some sweet sweet Errbs
by Alberothie February 25, 2010
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World of Warcraft slang for a druggie, or someone who deals in drugs that can be grown and sold.
I'm gonna go see the herbalist this weekend to get some more pot.
by NHeaverlo May 8, 2008
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someone whos always smoking weed talking bout it , eating it rolling it, whatever it
hey hes a herbalistical guy
by boonking July 5, 2011
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