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Also the name of a pharmacy
Hey lets go to the CVs pharmacy
by von January 24, 2005

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A small clump of excrement.
Looks like a chicken nugget, only shitty brown
by Von March 22, 2003

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1. A bodega of the nigular variety
2. A bodega that is nigtastic, niggeriffic, and altogether nigtacular
3. A place to nig.
4. An alternate chorus to "Too Much Information" by The Police
"Nigular Bodega, goin thru my brain / Nigular Bodega, drivin me insane"
by Von March 21, 2005

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wicked, tight, etc.
The surf today is pretty shock
by VoN January 14, 2004

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A fat mans tits.
Look at those man mammaries on that rotund looking fellow.
by Von March 21, 2003

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A word used to describe a person, in any way, shape, or form.
" Man dat nigga is a mutha f***ing eoing "
by Von August 09, 2004

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Bristol uk. to recieve something. to own.
'...can i get a bit of purchase on that reefa?'
by Von July 15, 2003

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