Yet another slang term for the penis. This is due to the
similarity in the consistency of semen and yogurt.
Peter North has a fucking awesome yogurt slinger!
by Gnomercy September 15, 2006
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When two sluts get drunk, one passes out, and then the other climbs up onto her naked chest and starts slapping her boobs around with her palms.

Then because they are really drunk, the one who is on top puts too much pressure on the one getting their tits smacked around that they puke all over the place.

Hence, a yogurt slinger or yogurt slinging
Yo, I just walked in on some hoes and they were doing the yogurt slinger on each other. It was fuckin' sweet.
by Takiakai Bondagangi April 4, 2006
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When a man/woman that still has a pp cums furiously while helicoptering his/her tiny cock
wtf Gerald why did you just do yogurt slinger all over my 5$ olive garden bread basket
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pitching a tent
sporting a wood
icicles formed
the march is on
mr. mortis
rigor mortis has set in
flesh rocket
jack's magic beanstalk
tall tommy
mushroom on a stick
and, uh, pedro
varsity blues classic scene, purple headed yogurt slinger is the final example prior to pedro.
by Mikey Cee April 24, 2006
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one of the better synonyms for penis. Often said preceding laughter.
On his way to the carnival, the purple helmet yogurt slinger attacked several bearded clam encampments.
by Purple Helmet Yogurt Slinger September 15, 2008
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After the cock has become fully erect, and the choking of the member has turned it a light tint of purple, a consentrated, fishy-smelling white substance is slung from the head like yogurt.
After a woman has performed felatio on her man(hopefully her man) and she has yogurt on her face, the Purple Head has Slung the Yogurt.
by John September 21, 2003
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A slang reference to the penis. Made popular by Talia Drzewiecki.
Hungry? My purple headed yogurt slinger's ready when you are.
by Hex June 11, 2004
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