Whale shit on the bottom of the ocean. The term is used to address new, low-ranking members of an organization.
Hey rhine, bring me a beer after you take a swig from this spit cup.

Why didn’t the rhines clean the basement?
by PoohBear97 June 18, 2019
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A word Montana DID NOT make up. Meaning a rhino; a typical typing/spelling error.
"Oh, my God, check that out. That is one mighty fine rhine."
"Don't you mean rhino?"
by montaner April 9, 2010
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Some area in France where wine-producing grapes are grown.
The Rhine is also now discovered to be an important archaeological site, except that researchers will have to uproot a few vineyards to get what they need.
by AYB June 13, 2003
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Someone who was reincarnated by a deity called “Being X” just because they are atheist now she is a named mage that literally kills mostly every mage she runs into with her battalion
by TheDevilofRhine June 16, 2021
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Rhine is gay, and so are they're supporters, they like to suppress others and purposely get themselves called gay
Man I really hate those gay Rhine Supporters
by Northernite April 14, 2020
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Roughest area in the Midwest, by the Ohio river in Cincinnati, has several shootings daily, home of the rapper Tocka.
Man lets drive the other way, we re getting too close to Over the Rhine.
by elBrendo September 10, 2006
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