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In the Liturgical year, the first day of Lent. The Jewish and Christian scriptures mention prayer and repentence while fasting and being covered in ash and sackcloth; so, the Catholics started marking the beginning of Lent by putting ash on their foreheads. It's a tradition that extends back about 1,000 years. The ashes are made from the burnt palm branches used on Palm Sunday of the previous year.
Although it's not a holiday of obligation, Catholics flock to mass on Ash Wednesday to get their ashes and begin lent. Although many prayers are now used when the ashes are being administered, the old-time prayer everyone knows is:

Remember Man that you are Dust
And unto Dust you shall return.
Okay, so I went to the Gay Student Union meeting one night, and some retard told me I had dirt on my head. I told him, "It's Ash Wednesday... you're SUPPOSED to have dirt on your head, duh!" But some people just don't know what's cool.
by Van Pierce March 6, 2004
The Sunday prior to Easter. If you live in FL-- you get up real early and hack down as many palm trees as possible, slice them up, and give them to people at church. When mass starts, you wave them up and down, then play with them the rest of the time.
Mass is also really long because everyone in the church re-enacts Christ's passion. It's fun and all, especially when you yell "Crucify him" at the priest.
Palm Sunday is the first in a week long series of very looooong religious services.
by Van Pierce March 6, 2004
With respect to gay men, sex that puts an emphasis on fucking and sucking, without any other kinky positions or appartus. Think silk sheets and scented candles, boys-- and try to forget you're sticking your dick up his ass.
My current boi's really vanilla, but he's hot so I don't care.
by Van Pierce July 11, 2003
A no talent bitch from the Macross series (not robotech!) Almost universally hated, there is a small contingent of anime fans who love her and do impressions of her constantly.
If all the gamers in this room don't shut up now, I'm going to do my Minmei impression!
by Van Pierce March 6, 2004
If you've escaped a bad situation, only to land in a worse one-- this applies. Like moving from Pittsburgh to Statesboro.
Well, gramma says you can stop cleaning up the insulin needles now and help pull up her girdle.
*sigh* this is flight 1006 originating in the frying pan, requesting an ETA on the fire.
by Van Pierce March 6, 2004
The yummiest food on earth. It's a Polish dish made from potato (cooked in some manner and mixed with whatever you like) wrapped in a wheat shell. Much like a ravioli or empanadilla, but oh so much better!
Mom, can we have pierogies and kielbasa for dinner?
by Van Pierce August 10, 2003
I saw you looking at him, looks like someone wants a little hebrew national.
by Van Pierce July 11, 2003